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Digitalt Elektriskt noshjulsmekanism.

Instructions: Specification:
  1. Three independent control circuits to drive each DSR. Checking each retracts and shut it down if despaired situation happened. 
  2. Redesign driving system, over 70% components were made by Metal. More strength and reliable.
  3. Auto cut off jammed retract power within 10 seconds to prevent draining input battery.
  4. You no longer need AIR Canister pumps for air retracts or servo push-pull retract mechanism for your landing gear.
  5. Try the revolutionary patent product innovation now.
  6. The system is suitable for 1,8 – 3,6 kg model.
●Input voltage: DC6~7.4V(5cells Ni-MH, 2 cells Li-Po)
●Max working current:0.25A
●Strut shaft diameter: Φ5mm
●Dimension: 46(L)x27(W)x24.5(H)mm
●Total Weight:42g(approx.) 

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