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If you want an extra-hot glow for starting then the Helping Hand Start-Up Boost is the answer. All suffix b IGs are provided with a two-pin header for connection to the HH-SB start-up boost switch.
The HH-SB switch is fitted inside the model and, when operated by a magnet from the outside, turns the IG fully on, ignoring the trimpot setting (3V battery users please note). A powerful disc magnet HH-DM is also available, ideally it should be fitted to a finger ring, thimble, glove etc so that it operates the boost when you hold the model for starting. NB the boost switch is most sensitive at its tip.
No danger of leaving it switched on boost after starting and no interference with the appearance of the model. The operating range is approximately 13mm (1/2") when using the HH-DM magnet and is not affected by non-magnetic construction materials such as wood or plastic.
Making a magnet finger ring: Cut a strip of 16g aluminium about 3mm wide and form it into a ring to fit your finger. Roughen up one face of the magnet and epoxy it to the ring in the centre. Cover the bare ends with heat-shrink.
If you prefer not to use the magnetic switch, you can replace it with any small switch of your choice.

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