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Baserad på Eagle Tree’s beprövade teknologi är Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer ett måste för fortsatt utveckling.




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”Hej Ove.

Har nu flugit med Eagletree Guardian och den fungerar utmärkt, helt i klass med FMA Direct´s Co-Pilot.  Co-Pilot bygger på temperaturskillnad mellan ”himlen” och marken där man mäter IR-signaturen. Svagheten hos Co-Pilot är att om det är molnigt och marken är kall då fungerd den mindre bra.

Har även fått hem Orange RX 3-axis stabilizer från HongKong. Den grejen bygger på att de använder 3 st vanliga gyron !   Har ännu inte flugit den men den kan nog göra viss nytta även om den inte är i klass med Guardian och Co-Pilot, men billig är den. 

Ingen instruktion medföljde heller!

Guardian och Co-Pilot fungerar till skillnad från ”HongKong” stabilizern så att rodren gör utslag ända tills hävningen har upphört.

Jag beställer härmed ytterliggare 3 st Eagle Tree, Guardian”. 

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”Hej Ove

Vill bara tacka för leveransen! Är väldigt nöjd med funktionen på ”Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer”. Har provat den i min ”mini F3A” med spännvidd på 1,2 m. Planet går otroligt mjukt o fint även i rejält byig vind. Som mest har jag provat den i uppemot 7 m/s. T.o.m. landningarna i den vindstyrkan var helt odramatiska! Kör nästan uteslutande i ”3D direct rate” läge. Har även provat ”3D heading hold” läge men det kändes inte naturligt att flyga med. Nu skall jag flytta över enheten till min ”midi F3A” en Sebart Wind S50 =) Hoppas du får in ett större antal vid nästa leverans! Själv kommer jag beställa till flera plan. Flera gubbar ute på fältet har också blivit intresserade när dom sett hur otroligt bra det fungerar”!  

Om enheten ska monteras upp och ner måste man uppdatera programvaran!

Jag fick tipset från en användare som meddelade att man laddar ner programvaran från Eagle Treee’s hemsida: http://www.eagletreesystems.com/Support/apps.htm  

Master your Skies!

Based on Eagle Tree’s proven inertial stabilization technology, the Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer is amust-have product for your model.

Whether you fly gas or electric models, wings, foamies, sailplanes, or just about any other fixed model, the Guardian is for you! 

To stabilize your model, just mount the Guardian in a level orientation (it can even be mounted upside down), connect it to your servos and receiver with the included cable, tune it to your plane with a small screwdriver, and set optional features with your radio sticks. No computer or additional equipment is required for stabilization.

While in flight, a spare switch on your radio lets you switch between 2D (wing leveling) mode, 3D aerobatic mode, and no stabilization. Imagine performing a difficult 3D maneuver with ease, then just flipping a switch to instantly return to level flight!

At only $74.99 (USD, MSRP) the Guardian provides some great protection for your investment, while making it more fun to fly and easier to perform advanced maneuvers!

Q: Why do I need the Guardian?

The Guardian helps both beginner and expert pilots fly with confidence, and provides two key modes of operation:

In 2D flight mode, the Guardian provides much smoother flight and wing leveling stabilization for your model, which makes it a lot easier to adjust and fly your plane. The Guardian ”remembers” level flight for your model and returns it to level flight when needed, as well as providing precise ”fly by wire” control. You may think that your model is on rails! The Guardian is also great for FPV flying.

If you are a beginner pilot, the Guardian can help take the fear factor out of the first few flights. If you get into trouble, just let the sticks go and the Guardian will attempt to quickly bring your model back to level flight.

If you are flying a plane that is not very stable due to imbalance, poor aerodynamics or high motor torque, the Guardian can make things much easier.

Is it moderately gusty or windy? The Guardian helps compensate for non-ideal flying conditions. The Guardian helps your plane fly like it’s a perfectly calm day!

In 3D flight mode, the Guardian becomes your aerobatic assistant. Whether you want to become a 3D expert, or already are, the Guardian can turn your squirrelly stunt plane into a kitten, without sacrificing aerobatic capability.

The Guardian updates your control surfaces much faster than most humans can, to provide real time corrections to the flight. So, you can concentrate on your maneuver, rather than fighting the model to maintain control. The Guardian makes your plane ”snappier” for precision maneuvers.

The Guardian has two submodes for 3D flying:

In 3D Heading Lock submode, simply center your sticks to have the Guardian lock onto your present attitude (pitch, roll, and heading), which can make it easier to perform stunts like prop hanging, inverted flight, knife edges, low speed harriers, etc!

In 3D Gyro submode, the Guardian uses its built-in 3 axis gyro to increase your model’s stability, while leaving you in full control.    In this mode the Guardian greatly reduces the effects of gusts, turbulence, motor torque and other factors, and can expand the maneuverability of your model in a variety of conditions.

Q: How do I configure the Guardian?

After installation, the Guardian is tuned to your plane using only a small screwdriver, and settings are chosen via your radio sticks. No computer or other device is required for configuration!

Gain can also be adjusted in the air with a spare knob or switch on your reciever, if desired.

If you prefer PC setup, just connect the Guardian to your Windows PC or laptop via the built-in USB connector*, and run our software to perform advanced configuration with ease!

Our PC software also allows you to save and restore model profiles, making it easy to move the Guardian from plane to plane without reconfiguration!

Q: How does the Guardian work?

The Guardian’s built-in state of the art sensors constantly measure the gravitational forces and rotation of your model in 3 axes (6DOF IMU). Using the sensor data, the Guardian’s processor performs complex calculations thousands of times a minute to keep track of your model’s orientation.

Q: What sets the Guardian apart from other Stabilization systems out there?

Previously, the only stabilization systems available required installing external sensors, or were relatively large, heavy and expensive. The Guardian changes all that. At only $74.99 (USD MSRP), the Guardian is priced much lower than any other inertial based stabilization systems, and is much lighter and smaller than anything else out there, at any price.

And of course, it’s an Eagle Tree product, so it’s massively configurable and has built in USB* for advanced configuration, model profile save/restore, and firmware update from the internet. No need to return the unit to the shop or buy a USB convertor board for new firmware updates!

The Guardian has a built-in data port, and we have plans for future sensors and hardware features. Please let us know what else you want the Guardian to do!

Q: I want one for each of my models! When and where can I buy it??

The Guardian Stabilizer is now in production, and we anticipate shipping in late spring. Contact your favorite RC dealer, or preorder from us below if a dealer is not in your area.

Q: Where can I find more details?

Click here for a link to the Guardian instruction manual (coming soon).

Click here for the Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer thread on RCGroups.com.

Click here for a thread on our Guardian OSD Expander (a similar product) for FPV/OSD use.

Q: You are missing the feature I want! How do I tell you what you need to add?

Eagle Tree is very interested in how we can improve our products to meet your needs. Just post your request on the Guardian Stabilizer thread here, or click here to email us and let us know what you need!

* Note: a standard ”micro” USB cable, used commonly with mobile phones and eBooks, is not included but is required for PC configuration and firmware update. You probably already have one, but if not, you can purchase it from us or elsewhere.

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