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 Servo tester


900 ~ 1500 ~ 2100us

 Measure pulse

 RX channel pulse(us)

 Watt meter

 0.1 to 100.0A



 1 ~ 6 blades

 up to 34000RPM

 10 data memories

 Tacho + Watt meter


 Temperature sensor

 0 to 250 degree C

 Battery checker/discharger

 NiCd/MH 4.8/6.0/9.6V

 Lithium 7.4V

 Electric load for battery check/discharge

 100 to 1000mA

 Inboard battery

 NiCd 4.8V, 900mAh




 113x80x28 mm

– Precision pulse generator to test servos                                                            User's manual (2632KB)

  You can test any brands of servo by movement, deflections, neutral point and band width.

  It does not need battery to operate servo.

  It shows the electric current to operate the servo simultaneously. This feature is very helpful to choose an appropriate RX battery for your model by adding all current load of servos.


– Watt meter upto 100A

  You can estabolish your power plant with a right propeller for the best current.

  Watt meter can be operated with tachometer

  Automatic voltage/amp calibration. No need to calibrate the voltage of source.

  Additional power supply is not needed even the input power source is less than 4.5V.


– Propeller tachometer

  Precision tachometer up to 6 blads and 34000RPM.

  Up to 10 incidental RPM can be stored to the memory.


– Temperature sensor

  Solid-state temperature sensor by contacting the material being checked.


– RX battery checker/discharger

  You can check your RX battery with a certain current load accurately.

  NiCd 4.8/6.0/9.6V and Lithium 7.4V with 100 to 1000mAh current load

  When being checked, the present voltage and the residue of capacity are displayed

  NiCd batteries can be discharged to 0.9V/cell.


– Back-light LCD screen

  You can adjust the brightness of LCD display


– Automatic power off and back-light off

  To prevent from wasting the energy, the power will go off when there is no action for 10 minutes.

  The back-light will go off  in 1 minutes if you do nothing with the unit.


– Robust outer aluminum case

  High-quality aluminum case is durable and very efficient to cool out the internal heat  




 Charging cable



 Temperature sensor



 Deans jacks(male/female) cable for power IN/OUT



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