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The BMR Series receiver is designed by Smith-Chart matching tester for each electric parts, inculding best 50 Ohm antenna efficacy. With DSP full-range, the receiver upon power up will auto learns the

characteristics of your transmitter like positive (JR/Airtronics) or negative (Futaba/Hitec) shift, number of channels, trigger pulse length and approximate frame rate.
Once learned, the receiver locks onto your transmitter and rejects signals from original signal source code, in any case the receiver will avoid BPW other different frequency by
wave filter that make your models safety and DSP technology to achieve full-range with strong hardcase protection.
  • Automatic lock onto TX signals.
  • DSP full-range
  • Universal bend between Positive & Negative.
  • Comes with protective plastic shrink wrap
  • Quality crystal holder component (click on image above to see holder)
  • Back-plane used conductive strips, eliminates dead ports from cold solder joints
Tekniska Specifikationer:
Strömförbrukning: 56 mA +/- 750 mA
Spänning: 3.6 – 7.2 V
Modulation: FM / PPM
Känslighet: 2 uV
Selektivitet:  ±8kHz at 65dB down
Markräckvidd: Min 500m (full räckvidd) = min 1200 m i luften
Filter: Tripple Tuned FM
Antennlängd: 98 cm
Storlek: 34.5×45.5×15.5mm
Vikt: 12.6 gr
Kristall: Standrad (HC-50)


Det sitter en liten vit strömbrytare under kristallen. Genom att skjuta strömbryater i sidled kan man växla mellan JR och FUTABA/Hitec system! (Positiv eller Negativ Shift)


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