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Teknisk Specifikation:
Frekvensband: 35 Mhz, FM (PPM) Single Conversion
Strömförbrukning: 34 mA
Drivspänning: 3,6 – 7,2 V
Känslighet: 5uV
Markräckvidd: Min 200 meter
Dimension: 26 x 15 x 10 mm
Antennlängd: 148 cm
Vikt : 5 gram
Kontakter: Futaba, Hitec, JR Graupner
Temperaturområde: -10° to + 40°C
Kristaller: Minikristaller

The BMR Series receiver is even smaller and lighter than the previous version. This full-range receiver learns upon power up characteristics of your transmitter like positive (JR/Airtronics) or negative (Futaba/Hitec) shift, number of channels, trigger pulse length and approximate frame rate. Once learned, the receiver locks onto your transmitter and rejects signals from other transmitters that have different characteristics. Finally, it has a programmable fail-safe function. In the event of a signal loss, it can be programmed to hold the last good servo positions, and upon extended signal loss, automatically switch to pre-programmed servo positions that you can set.

  • Automatic lock onto TX signals.
  • Comes with protective plastic shrink wrap
  • Quality crystal holder component (click on image above to see holder)
  • Back-plane used conductive strips, eliminates dead ports from cold solder joints 



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